Pims Restaurant


Mae Haad Cove Bungalows

the food was good but not special cause you pay a bit more than in the places that don't have a sea view.Thor K, Germany, Trip Advisor

We ate there most of the time and spent the evenings chilling on the beach with fellow travelers, drinking beer and enjoying the sunset.Gisela S, South Africa, Trip Advisor

Mae Haad View Resort

The restaurant of the resort is great, we are vegetarian and many times we have special request for example that the food will be cooked without fish sauce and always we had been treated with respect and understanding (it didn't always happened in other places)Demar0241, Turkey, Trip Advisor

Royal Orchid Hotel

Lunch at Royal Orchid Resort... was possible one of our best meals on the trip! CiT M, S Africa, Trip Advisor

Wangsai Resort

The restaurant serves good Thai food for a decent price.Lars Bosman, Holland, Trip Advisor

Mae Haad Bay Resort

Breakfast was ok, could have been a little bit more things to choose from but in all okJohanna S, Sweden, Agoda

Om Bakery

The food is amazing and the people are incredibly nice. Loved the bread, the crescents, the muesli, the shakes.... Mhhhh.Ronja90, Germany, Trip Advisor

A great range of organic products (very good multigrain bread) and the chai tea is my favorite! .HangLooseDiver, Germany, Trip Advisor

Eating and Drinking

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Island View Cabana


Island View Cabana is a resort with a beachfront restaurant. There is a BBQ from 4pm to 10pm. Mackeral fillet/barracuda is 300 THB including free salad. Also Thai food and seafood are available. Good range of Western food: sandwiches and burgers 100 – 150 THB, Chicken nuggets 150 THB, Pizzas 200 – 250 THB, Fish and Chips 100 THB, spring rolls 20 THB each.

Royal Orchid Resort


Located in the corner of the northern beach, Royal Orchid has a restaurant with great sunset views. The menu has a range of items. The best food here is the Thai food. Not fine dining but reasonably priced and freshly cooked local dishes.

Mae Haad View Resort


At the south end of the beach is Mae Haad Resort. It is a small backpacker place with a good restaurant. They serve cheap beachfront Thai food and will make vegetarian dishes to order. Worth a try if you are staying on the beach for a few days.

Pim Restaurant


Small restaurant located on the main concrete road. They have shady seating and offer a range of Thai dishes as well as sandwiches, shakes and beers.

Wangsai Resort


Wangsai Restaurant is in the middle of the south beach in Mae Haad. It is next to a river and is joined to Wangsai Resort by a bridge. It is a fairly large covered building. They have a resort menu that offers a bit of Thai and Western food as well as breakfast items, shakes, juices etc. Recommended are the Thai curries.

Wun Restaurant


Wun Restaurant is a small place placed on the concrete road. It opens 8am to 11pm. A pleasant local place that does breakfast, Thai food and Italian style spaghetti.

Sunshine Restaurant


Sunshine Restaurant is on the main Mae Haad village road. It is a small place that does pizza and pasta as well as Thai Food. Opens from 10am to 10pm. Reasonably priced and not bad Italian food.

Om Bakery


Om Bakery serves fruit shakes and sandwiches with the ‘Bread of the Day’. It is 40 to 50 Thai Baht for bread and 10, 20 or 30 Thai Baht per sandwich filling. You can also ask about yoga classes at the same time. They also do chai tea. Bit of a hippy place.


Rolling Stone Bar


Rolling Stone Bar is next to Mae Haad View Resort on the southern end of the beach. It is a wooden bar with a bohemian feel to it. Relaxed atmosphere and friendly bar tender.

Roots Corner


Roots Corner perhaps not surprisingly is on the main corner of Mae Haad (corner of main road and concrete road). They serve up roots reggae and rock, live sport, cocktails, spirits and beers as well as Thai, Western and vegetarian cuisine.

Sunset Bar


Location: South Beach near Island View Cabana Bar on beach. Food available for order. Cocktails 180 THB, fruit shakes 70 THB, beers 60-80 THB. Very popular hangout for day trippers who come for the snorkelling. Deck chairs can be hired from here.


Mae Haad Bay Resort
Om Bakery
Mae Haad View Resort & Rolling Stone Bar
Wangsai Resort
Island View Cabana

Trip Advisor Ratings

Om Bakery #153 out of 288 places to eat in Koh Phangan

Island View Cabana #256 out of 288 places to eat in Koh Phangan