Month: October 2014

Live Music near Mae Haad

While Mae Haad itself is fairly quiet at night in terms of nightlife, there are, of course, plenty of party options farther afield in Koh Phangan – the island unofficially dubbed the party island of Thailand. However, not everyone is a fan of techno, trance and minimal. For those who like live music with musicians rather than DJs there are a few choices in the nearby vicinity.

The Jam – Hin Kong

The Jam is a beachfront bar south of Mae Haad in Hin Kong. It is the beach just after Srithanu. It takes about 20 minutes on a bike to get there. Since 2008 they have been running a live music night. Every Friday at 9pm they have a band that kicks off proceedings and then people from the audience that can handle a guitar or hold a tune are invited to join in. It is a lively event and usually well attended.

They have plenty of YouTube videos you can check out. During high seasons they often run a Wednesday jam session as well as the Friday one.

Click for The Jam’s Facebook Page

Rasta Home – Haad Yao

This is a slice of the old Koh Phangan. As the name suggests this place is unashamedly ‘rasta’. It is a small wooden bar built with love on the northern road going out of Haad Yao. Check out the video:

They don’t have any regular music nights but do get bands in occasionally. Koh Phangan’s biggest band – Job to Do – play here always to a lively crowd up for dancing.

Omega Bar – Chaloklum

Omega Bar has been holding live music events for a few years now. They feature whoever is around. And that can often be a few talented individuals. They have a drum kit, amplifier and other instruments as well as stage. Again you can find plenty of footage on YouTube. There is a strong hippy vibe. They sometimes combine live music with a kids’ event earlier in the day.

Things often happen on a Wednesday at Omega Bar. It is located in the centre of Chaloklum. You can take the northern road from Mae Haad and be there in 15 minutes.

Click here for Omega Bar’s Facebook Page