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Koh Ma Picture


A friend recently did a few dives with H20 Scuba School in Thong Nai Pan Noi. One of the dives was at Koh Ma.

The picture above is one that he took while diving at Koh Ma. The picture above unfortunately doesn’t show any fish but does show the beauty of the corals at Koh Ma. The pinks and the greens are beautiful, as is the clear blue sea.

Koh Ma although the best dive spot around the coastal waters of Koh Phangan is often overlooked by dive shops who prefer to take customers to Sail Rock where there is a better chance of seeing marine life including the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. More often than not people snorkel Koh Ma rather than dive the site.

Anyway, enjoy the picture.

Fish You Can See At Koh Ma

Since the main attraction for Mae Haad is the Marine Park it is worth compiling a list of fish and other marine life you can see at Koh Ma. If you are like me, then you enjoy putting names to things you take pleasure in.

Ko Ma is the best place to snorkel in Koh Phangan because it contains the biggest variety of fish, and because it is very close to the shore and therefore easily accessible. When you stay in accommodation at Mae Haad it would be a shame if you were simply too lazy to go snorkelling. The equipment is cheap to buy or hire. You also don’t have to be a strong swimmer. There are few excuses for not going snorkelling at least once.

The list below is not comprehensive. It is a combination of fish I have seen and information from dive shop websites. It is hoped that it will be a good starting place for someone trying to figure out what they have seen while exploring the corals at Koh Ma.

Fish and Marine Life  at Koh Ma
Copperband butterfly fish
Schooling fish
Big grouper
Butterfly fish
Blue spotted stingray
Hermit Crabs
Razor fish
Cuttlefish (rare)
Rabbit fish
Anemone fish
Goby fish
Reef sharks